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B-advised’s tips for a stress-free Christmas


B-advised’s Tips For A Stress Free Christmas.

Christmas can be a very stressful time of the year, preparing for the big day & trying to please everyone. This can be hard work both financially and mentally.

Here are some of our top tips to lighten the load this festive season.

Set a budget – It is important to remember that Christmas day is only one day out of 365. Set a realistic budget which includes everything, food, gifts exc. Most importantly write it down & stick to it!

Utilise voucher codes, coupons & sales – Many stores offer discounts during the run up to Christmas. Once you have created a budget and have an idea of what you need, keep an eye out for sale events at stores likely to stock what you need.

Sell old items – Out with the old and in with the new! Selling items can make a good kitty to start the Christmas fund. It will also free up space for gifts received.

Its the thought that counts – Handmade or smaller gifts will be appreciated just as much as lavish gestures. Make your own hampers are a hit and they can be made to suite the gift recipient.

Avoid dipping into savings & credit cards –  These options come with long term implications. If you do need to acquire a credit card ensure that it has 0% interest on purchases and that you can realistically pay the funds back within the allocated timeframe. 1 day is not worth bad credit or struggling something down the line due to lack of savings.

Enjoy yourself – It is easy to become wrapped up in the hubbub of Christmas and before you know it it’s boxing day! Take a step back and really take it all in, have a glass of wine, give yourself a pat on the back and have a great day!

Get a jump on next year – Once the dust settles from this Christmas, why not start saving for the next one. Setting a budget and setting aside a sensible amount each month could mean that next Christmas really is stress free!

The national Debt helpline offer help with creating and managing budgets. They can also offer support & advice should you find yourself overwhelmed financially by Christmas.