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Our 2021 Scheme to Support Schools & Protect Families


This year, we want to support families and empower schools with an innovative scheme aimed at encouraging parents to see the value of life insurance, while offering funding support to UK schools hit by the pandemic.

For every life insurance, family protection or mortgage policy taken out by a parent or guardian, B-Advised will donate £20 to the school of your choice.

After a difficult year for both parents, children and teachers, we’re committed to giving schools the opportunity to organise fun and engaging projects for children who have missed out on essential social and educational activities. From garden projects to football classes, the funds raised by our scheme are intended to make a difference to the wellbeing of your children.

As the unpredictability of the past and present years continue to cause families to feel unstable, the scheme also shines a light on the value of life insurance policies. This form of insurance offers a much-needed blanket of security should your family’s circumstances change unexpectedly.

If you have overlooked life insurance in the past, here are six reasons to reconsider this essential form of financial protection:

6 Crucial Reasons for Considering Life Insurance:

  • Your family gets a lump sum if you pass away
  • The policy is relatively cheap and easy to set up
  • Policies can be written ‘in trust’ to ensure the people you care about have ownership of assets
  • It offers your family security, especially if you have young children who rely on you for financial support
  • Policies can be tailored to suit your requirements (For example, they can potentially cover mortgage and family income benefit)
  • Additional features can be added, such as global treatments and access to the best doctors for your children.

This B-Advised scheme is applicable to all parents and guardians in the UK. Get in touch for tailored advice and support setting up the perfect policy for you and your loved ones.