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Home & Personal Insurance – Not all insurers are the same and we at b-advised ltd can source the market to find you the best value deals and that’s not the end of the service, have a claim we will of course be there to help. Lots of comparison web sites are focused on the price and neglect the advice you may need to find the best value plan.

In the event of  home or personal insurance claim (that is the true test of the value) are you prepared to be disappointed?

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Although exact coverage and policy limits vary, Home insurance usually covers damage caused by the following events/catastrophes:

Accident Sickness & Unemployment

With accident, sickness and unemployment policies, you pay for an amount of monthly cover – usually up to £1,500 – and if you lose your job or can’t work due to an accident or an illness, you get that amount of money each month to spend how you like. Policies usually pay out for up to a year or until you return to work, whichever happens first.



Who is eligible for cover?

Anyone can apply for an accident sickness & unemployment policy so long as you are over 18 and under 60 and you normally reside in the UK, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. You must also be in employment or self-employment for at least 16 hours per week and have been so for the last 6 months.

You can start claiming your income protection typically after just 60 days of being off work through illness or an accident as certified by your doctor. You can select to cover typically any amount up to £1,500. You can claim your daily income protection from just 60 days after you cannot work through sickness or an accident (or unemployment, if chosen) and continue to claim for up to a full year. As with other forms of personal protection insurances (e.g. life insurance, health insurance) premiums will gradually increase as you get older in line with the rates quoted.