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Buy to Let

Looking for a Buy to Let (BTL) mortgage? You’re in the right place.

If you’re looking to invest in bricks and mortar, our financial advisors can help you find the best interest-only Buy to Let mortgage which will give you ultimate financial freedom and flexibility. By gaining a strong understanding of your situation and budget, we can demystify the Buy to Let market and make the mortgage process easy to navigate by researching current rates and analysing the market, so that you have all the facts and figures at hand when you are ready to make your decision.

From the first free consultation with a B-advised broker to submitting your application to the lender, we are here as a trustworthy source of support, ready to answer any queries that may crop up in the future.

Things to consider when purchasing a BTL property

Rules and regulations 

  • There are specific interest rates and rules that apply to BTL mortgages that differ from your standard mortgage and usually require a minimum deposit of approximately 25%. As well as receiving support from us, we recommend discussing your plans with a conveyancing solicitor so that all legal requirements are understood and your obligations as a landlord are clear.

What you can afford

  • We can help you take advantage of any available savings or tax opportunities, however it is important to consider the maintenance of the property and the expenses incurred when regular rental income is not received (i.e. when the property is empty or between tenants).

Where the property is located

  • It is important to do your research into the area when considering purchasing a BTL property. While it may be tempting to purchase a cheaper property in an area that you’re not familiar with, you might end up with the wrong type of tenants (i.e. students rather than the young families you had hoped for) or a lack of demand for rentals entirely.

The property specifics

  • You will also need to consider who owns the property, exactly what will be included in the sale, which warranties and safety certificates are transferrable and any issues that the property may have.
To let sign with UK terraced houses in the background

There are plenty more considerations and essential information that is required in making this long-term investment. We can make this process less daunting by offering expert advice and an end-to-end service that will give you confidence in becoming a landlord. Contact us today.