Home Mover

Looking to step up the property ladder?

Maybe you’re wanting to move out of the city and embrace rural living, or perhaps you are relocating to a smaller property. Wherever you’re moving to, we understand that finding the right mortgage can be confusing. B-Advised can take the hassle out of your home mover mortgage as we’re committed to finding the right deal for you.

It is likely that you will have a larger deposit than when you were a first time buyer for your home mover mortgage. Even if you decide to port your existing mortgage and take all the existing rates and terms and conditions with you, you will still have to go through the full application process, including affordability and credit checks. We’re here to assist you throughout this process.

If you decide to apply for a new mortgage and you’re looking to reduce your monthly repayments by downsizing, or you have built up equity and are looking at properties that require a larger mortgage, we can help you find the best interest rates and give you absolute clarity on which fees you will need to pay.

Perhaps you are using life insurance to cover your current mortgage and are looking to move up the property ladder. It is essential that you check your life insurance policy, as moving into a bigger property means heftier debts to pay. By re-evaluating your life insurance policy and increasing the amount you are covered for, you are ensuring that your family and dependents are protected if the worst should happen.

As mortgages are likely to be the biggest expense you will leave behind, life insurance provides peace of mind and ensures that your family can remain in your family home.

Moving home and taking out a new mortgage gives you a great opportunity to shop around and compare life insurance deals from across the market. However, we understand that moving home can already be stressful enough without considering life cover, and that’s where we can take some of the weight off your shoulders.

Whether you are looking to top up your existing life insurance or switch providers, B-Advised can find you the best deal. Contact us today